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The Hinterlands comprise a large, desolate desert wasteland located outside The City.


The Hinterlands are described as being a vast and empty place that is very far from the outskirts of the city and without any settlements for hundreds of miles. It also seems to be blackened and desolate. Feral animals such as abandoned lions roam the region, but it is not known how many.

The blue sunsets in the Hinterlands are famous for their beauty. A single dusk is described as a dark blue light spreading eerily as the sun sinks behind the Mortmain Mountains. The light itself is so vast that at times, the desert appears to be underwater.

It is unknown if the Mortmain Mountains are a part of the Hinterlands or if they simply border the region; however, the Stricken Stream runs through them both,[1] which connects the two locations.[2]

A road in the Hinderlands is called Rarely Ridden Road. As the title states, few travel through it by vehicle.[1]



The Baudelaire Family had planned to visit this region because they wished to see the famous Hinterlands sunsets. Unfortunately, Beatrice and Bertrand passed away so the family never got the chance to make the trip.[1]

Long after the White-Faced Women left Count Olaf's troupe, some rumors that had spread stated that they lived together in the Hinterlands, attempting to grow rhubarb in the dry and barren ground. Even if that rumor is true, it is unknown if the women actually succeeded in doing so.[2]

It is also stated that White-Faced Women were born at Heimlich Hospital which is in the hinterlands instead of Pincus Hospital which is in the city, implying that they may have grown up in or near the hinterlands.