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The Hinterlands in the TV series, showing Prufrock.

The Hinterlands are a wasteland/desert famous for their magnificent blue sunsets. It is literally a barren land of nothingness that continues for miles. It is located on the outskirts of the city somewhere.

The Baudelaires mentioned that they had always wanted to see the hinterlands, and were promised by their parents that they would visit one day.[1] The Baudelaires do, but unfortunately, without their parents.[2][3][1]

In the Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, there is a story about an Old Count and part of the hinterlands are talked about.[4]


  • Caligari Carnival - The hinterlands are home to the Caligari Carnival, which is the only attraction in the area. The carnival is at the end of the Rarely Ridden Road and was burnt down at the end of The Carnivorous Carnival by Count Olaf and his troupe. 
  • Village of Fowl Devotees - A remote village/hamlet obsessed with crows.
  • Last Chance General Store - A general store. Since a general store with the same name appears in the film, it is implied the train scene is set in the hinterlands.
  • Heimlich Hospital - A half-built hospital which is burned during the events of The Hostile Hospital by Count Olaf and his troupe. 
  • Prufrock Preparatory School (possibly) - A boarding school which may be located in the hinterlands, as it's depicted being in the middle of nowhere in the TV series. This is supported by the Land of Districts map which shows Prufrock to the left, or possibly part of, the Hinterlands area.






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