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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
[[File:Snicketfull 1288x500.jpg|700px|center]]
[[File:Snicketfull 1288x500.jpg|700px|center]]
[[File:Hostiledust.jpg|thumb|398px|The "Pony Party!" Egmont Version. Came with The Hostile Hospital in the UK.]]
== Sources ==
== Sources ==

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The Pony Party! is the first book in The Luckiest Kids in the World! series, written by Loney M. Setnick.

The book is about the three luckiest kids in the world, Laurie, Larry and Lil' Linda Lotsaluck. They are invited to a happy party with cake and ponies.

Dear Reader

Hey, Kidz!

Reading is fun, cool and educational, and this book is one of the most exciting ever!

It's about The Luckiest Kids in the World, Laurie, Larry, and Lil' Linda Lotsaluck, and their sidesplitting adventures in The Pony Party. Everybody loves ponies! Everybody loves parties! And that means that everybody-absolutely everybody-loves pony parties.

In this delightfully appropriate book, the nice siblings will be treated to a fun party, a big prize, several kind and sensible adults, and all the cake they can eat! Doesn't that sound perfect?

But remember, my young friends, there's more to life than ponies and cake. Keep your teeth and gums sparkling clean, obey your parents, try to be a good citizen, and keep reading all about The Luckiest Kids in the World, written by me, your adorable author!

With glee,

Loney M. Setnick


Giddy-up! Saddle up for a hayload of happiness when the luckiest kids in the world go to a party! With ponies! There's a rollicking good time to be had by Laurie, Larry, and Lil' Linda Lotsaluck when the weather is nice and there's enough cake for everyone! What fun these gleeful siblings will have making new friends, trying new things, and riding REAL ponies! There's even a big prize to win for having the prettiest pony... and guess who wins it? Not Old Man Grumpus, that's for sure!! Kids of all ages will giggle out loud at the delightful book librarians everywhere are calling "due back in two weeks or else you have to pay a fine." So come along, pardner! Everyone's invited!




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