The Reptile Room was a large herpetological conservatory located inside Monty Montgomery's House. It is where Dr. Montgomery kept his reptile collection over the course of his career as a herpetologist.


The Reptile Room is kept behind a very tall wooden door with creaky hinges, as well as a doorknob in the middle of it, high enough that adults have to stand on tiptoes to reach it.

The room is made entirely out of glass, with clear walls and a high ceiling rising like a cathedral. There is also a table with ropes, gears and cages to be repaired and studied.[2]

Reptile Collection

Four rows of wooden tables seat the reptiles, kept in securely fastened metal cages. At the end of the rows is the Incredibly Deadly Viper's cage, kept under a tarp for dramatic purposes.

Known Reptiles in the Collection:[2]

In the 2004 film adaptation:

In the Netflix adaptation:[3]


At the far end of the room are several rows of bookshelves, stuffed with books, and with a cluster of tables, chairs and reading lamps in one corner. Several of the books are related to VFD, and thus guarded by some of the reptiles in Montgomery's collection.

Known Books:[2]

In the Netflix adaptation, Monty Montgomery keeps several of his own journals from his various expeditions in the library,[5] along with a copy of The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations hidden under his desk.[6]




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