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The "R" Ring has a long history and its whereabouts are currently unknown. It was last mentioned being traded to a group of shepherds. The ring is made of gold and emblazoned with an R., which most likely symbolizes that it once belonged to Duchess R.


According to A Series of Unfortunate Events, the commonplace book of The Island, the "R" Ring was passed down from the first Duchess of Winnipeg to her daughter, who gave it to her daughter, and so on until it reached Duchess R. R. then gave the ring to Lemony Snicket, who gave it to Beatrice Baudelaire. Beatrice Baudelaire returned the ring to Snicket, who gave it to his sister, Kit Snicket. Kit Snicket then gave the ring to Bertrand Baudelaire, who gave the ring to Beatrice Baudelaire. Beatrice kept the ring in a green wooden box that could only be opened with a code that Kit learned from her grandfather Charles Snicket. The box burned in the Baudelaire fire. The ring was then found in the wreckage by Captain Widdershins, who lost it at sea during a storm. The ring later washed up on The Island, where Ishmael found it and gave it to Violet Baudelaire. Violet then gave it to her adopted daughter, Beatrice Baudelaire II, the daughter of Kit.[1] Beatrice Baudelaire II later traded the ring to a group of shepherds, for a yak ride to see a cave in which Lemony Snicket stayed for several months.[2]

Known Owners (in order of ownership)  

  • All previous Duchesses of Winnipeg
  • Duchess R
  • Lemony Snicket (proposed to Beatrice with the ring)
  • Beatrice Baudelaire (returned it back to Lemony)
  • Lemony Snicket (again)
  • Kit Snicket
  • Bertrand Baudelaire (proposed to Beatrice with the ring)
  • Beatrice Baudelaire (again)
  • Captain Widdershins (found ring in wreckage)
  • Ishmael (found ring washed up on the island)
  • Violet Baudelaire (gave it to Beatrice Snicket at the request of Kit)
  • Beatrice Baudelaire II (traded it for a yak ride)
  • A group of shepherds