"The Slippery Slope: Part Two"
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Adapted from: The Slippery Slope
Main character(s): Violet, Klaus, Sunny
Baudelaire guardian: Quigley Quagmire
Main enemy: Count Olaf
Main setting: Mortmain Mountains
Library: V.F.D. Headquarters Library
Key crew
Writer: Daniel Handler
Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
Producer: Neil Patrick Harris
Release details
Story number: 1b
Season/series: Season 3
Premiere network: Netflix
Release date: January 1, 2019
Format: 44 minutes
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A Series of Unfortunate Events
"The Slippery Slope: Part One" "The Grim Grotto: Part One"

"The Slippery Slope: Part Two" is the twentieth episode of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It covered the second half of The Slippery Slope.

Official synopsis

Sunny sends a signal from Count Olaf's camp, where a sinister duo is awakening old insecurities. A clue at V.F.D. HQ points the way to a fateful meeting.


Violet and Quigley prepare to rescue Sunny while Klaus searches the V.F.D headquarters for information. He deciphers a coded message saying that a person called J.S. is calling a meeting of all surviving members of V.F.D. at the Last Safe Place, on Thursday. Sunny uses a Verdant Flammable Device to signal her siblings while cooking lox for Olaf and his troupe. Violet and Quigley climb Mount Fraught and reach Sunny but she convinces them to let her stay as a spy.

Returning to the V.F.D headquarters, Violet, Klaus and Quigley trap Esmé Squalor in a hole in order to trade her for Sunny.

Pressured by the Man and the Woman, Count Olaf orders his troupe to throw Sunny's cage down the Mortmain Mountains. However, his troupe (except for Fernald) refuse and desert him. The White-Faced Women say that they wouldn't stoop to that level, the Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender says that he needs some space, and the Bald Man asks Count Olaf to take care of Esmé. Fernald pretends to kill Sunny, who has already escaped her cage using Violet's lockpick. Olaf's mentors kidnap the Snow Scouts with eagles, intending to kill their parents, indoctrinate the Scouts and gain their fortunes. Carmelita Spats joins Olaf and Esmé while the Baudelaires and Quigley escape down the slope via sledge. The Man and Woman then leave in Count Olaf's car.

Quigley is caught by a branch and separated, but the Baudelaires sweep out to the ocean and end up on top of the Queequeg submarine.

Meanwhile, Kit Snicket and Mr. Poe arrive back in the City to discover several fires burning as a result of the Woman and Man's plans. The Man and Woman, on the top of a tall building, watch the Scouts being transferred in the air by the eagles.-



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Deviations from the novel

  • Violet and Klaus's lines when they see Quigley's face are a bit different:
    • Violet says, "You're Quigley Quagmire," instead of "You're dead."
    • Klaus says that "We heard you perished in a fire." The italics are not in the book.
  • Lemony narrates most of Quigley's story instead of him saying it all. The latter took the trolley to all of the places instead of walking (hated for any enemies picking him up).
  • Mr. Poe is still hanging around Kit. 
    • Mr. Poe wasn't in the book at this time.
    • Kit may have been alluded to be there when Lemony mentions going to the headquarters where she may have been at the end of Chapter 5.
  • The Man and Woman actually tell the villains about the singnaling devices when Sunny is using them to make lox. In the book, they didn't (they assumed Sunny was signaling but did not know their technical name), so the troupe still regarded them as cigarettes.
  • Olaf actually suspects that Sunny is pretending to be helpless (though both instances he does think she is a spy).
  • The Man and Woman give the Snicket file to Olaf in private instead of when they first arrived and everyone is looking. No one blurts out the name of the Last Safe Place either, so Sunny never overhears it.
  • Violet finds items that belong to people that either she, Klaus, or Quigley had heard of when trying to find a way to get up the waterfall.
  • Violet didn't use hooks to climb up in the book, it was just more forks.
  • Sunny was not locked in a cage on the mountain.
  • Violet and Quigley were talking only when they reached the ledge, instead of as they were still climbing. The former did not lose a glove on the ledge.
  • When the two climbed up to the peak, in the book they heard Sunny call out to them. Here, she's in the cage and they see her while Fernald is standing guard.
    • They hide behind rocks instead of under Olaf's car.
  • The Man and the Woman ask for a tarp instead of a net.
  • Sunny ties a small ribbon in her hair. It's the start of where she finally wears one, where in the book she wears one all the time.
  • In the book, they figured out some of Verbal Fridge Dialogue before making the climb. In the show, they figure it all out after they came back down:
    • The verse says "the sender, look and see" instead of "within the addressee."
      • The Quagmire parents taught Isadora how to write couplets instead of a teacher.
    • Klaus figured out which jam to look in instead of Violet.
    • They write "The Last Safe Place" on the mustard instead of the three having to find a stanza to try and guess it (it's not mentioned until the very end).
  • The way Esmé decides to come down the mountain and what happens after is quite different:
    • Her outfit is much more different - it's more like a pantsuit as opposed to a large dress.
    • Esmé goes down the mountain because they think they see a volunteer spyglass (and thinks they may have the sugar bowl) and not the smoke of the Verdant Flame Devices that they used to try to lure and trap her.
    • Klaus sees Esmé coming through the aforementioned spyglass instead of him, Violet, and Quigley guessing from behind an arch when she was coming down.
    • Esmé uses skis instead of using a tobaggan. She crashes into the ruins instead of stopping short outside the trap.
    • Violet, Quigley, and Klaus immediately hide away instead of just hiding their faces in masks (though Quigley eventually hides his face, Violet and Klaus don't).
    • They don't lure Esmé into a trap outside the ruins, she accidentally steps on one in the hot tub room (and they didn't make it).
  • "Mount Fraught Syndrome" is defined differently:
    • Series: Regarding captors as friends.
    • Book: Regarding captors as villains.
  • Esmé doesn't realize the Baudelaires were speaking to her over the pit until much later because they had masks on in the book, but in the series, they don't, and she heard Klaus's name.
  • Brucie actually questions why Carmelita is always False Spring Queen. They also abandoned her on the way up.
  • The whole Mount Fraught experience when everyone gets up there is different.
    • Esmé is the one who tells them the plan to capture the Snow Scouts instead of the Man and Woman.
    • The Man and Woman stated they they would only burn down the houses of the children if they refused to join them in the series. In the book, they would burn them down either way.
    • The aforementioned two tell Olaf to throw Sunny off the cliff, instead of him thinking it up himself. He seems a bit reluctant to do it.
    • This is when the Indeterminate Gender Person and Bald Man decide to leave like the white-faced woman actually do.
    • Fernald is the one who threw Sunny off the cliff (or so they thought) as opposed to Olaf about to do it.
    • Violet and Klaus believe she is already dead instead of thinking she will die due to the aforementioned thing.
    • Sunny stays hidden behind the car instead of immediately coming out.
    • Only the Snow Scouts get captured in the tarp, because Fernald is off to the side and the freaks are (supposedly) dead. The Man doesn't crack a whip to make the eagles come.
    • The Man and Woman stole Olaf's car. In the book, Violet popped the tires, and the sinister villains had not yet left until Quigley and the Baudelaires went down the waterfall.
    • Carmelita insists that they should keep Klaus instead of Violet.
    • Instead of the toboggan being near them, Sunny finally reveals herself and pushes it towards the others as the villains get out of the way.
    • As stated before, there's no mention in the episode when Sunny overhears the last safe place like in the book.
  • The order in which they ride the toboggan is changed:
    • Series: Klaus, Sunny, Violet, Quigley.
    • Book: Violet, Quigley, Klaus, Sunny.
  • Instead of Quigley slipping off when they landed in the water, he runs into a branch and is stuck on it because he, unlike Violet and Klaus (Sunny is short enough to not have to), didn't duck in time.
  • Stricken Stream stayed frozen in the series, even when they found the periscope. In the book, it was already thawed out and they were floating there.
    • They were not on top of the submarine when it emerged, they were in front of it.
  • Quigley is walking along trying to find his way out, as opposed to having to swim his way out first. Olaf, Esmé, Carmelita, and Fernald are walking instead of driving because the Man and Woman stole the car.
  • Kit rides Mr. Poe back into town in the taxi.
    • It's revealed that the Man and Woman actually did burn down all the houses of the Snow Scouts in the series. In the book, they hadn't left to do such a task.


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