The Stain'd Lighthouse was the only newspaper in Stain'd-by-the-Sea, and it was run by the Mallahan family in the Mallahan Lighthouse.

After the draining of the sea, it went out of business like most of the other businesses in town.


Before the Draining

The newspaper's headquarters was the Mallahan Lighthouse. Photographs would be developed in the basement, stories would be written up in the lantern room, the paper would be printed with ink made by Ink Inc. that day, and they would dry on the hawser that ran to the Sallis Mansion; the Sallises were friends of the Mallahans, and let the newspaper workers use water from their well, and science and garden reporters do research on the grounds.[1] The ink of the paper was known to never smudge.[2]

Due to the legends of Lady Mallahan slaying the Bombinating Beast, the mythical creature became a mascot of the newspaper. Its body made the S in Stain'd in the title, and the Mallahan family collected Bombinating merchandise in the lighthouse.[1] There also used to be a comic strip in the paper that featured Blotto the Octopus.[2]

After the Draining

The sea began to run out of octopi, which meant fewer ink for the town.[1] The reports in each paper would be printed with lighter ink, making the stories seem more uncertain,[3] and due to this, as well as the large amount of potential customers leaving town, the paper soon folded.[1]

After leaving town "for another job," Ms. Mallahan took several issues of the newspaper with her, and Mr. Mallahan's depression caused him to be bad at looking after the archives, so many old papers went missing.[4]

Known Articles

  • An advertisement for the Stain'd Playhouse performance of The Letter, starring Dame Sally Murphy as Leslie Crosbie.[1]
    • Dame Sally Murphy is noted to have been featured on the front page of the paper several times.
  • Found in the business section, an article about Porter Roeman of the Roe House, about his opposing of the draining of the sea.[5]
  • Tepid Turnout for Frome Race. - an article about the annual Frome Race, with twelve competitors. At the time of this story's publication, there was only one photographer left at the paper.[2]
  • A day following the Frome Race, the theft of the oil painting of Gary Dorian, Stain'd-by-the-Sea's famed cosmetician, and the subsequent arrest of Chase B. Willow.[2]

Known Employees



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