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Whether you are someone attending the theater for enjoyment or someone attending the theater to receive important coded information, you're sure to have a delightful and/or productive evening.

The World is Quiet Here was a VFD play written by Linda Rhaldeen. It was replaced by One Last Warning to Those Who Try to Stand in My Way.

Known Content

The play was performed at the Ned H. Rirger Theater, written by "unknown" playwright Linda Rhaldeen. The play was not a comedy, and was a musical.

The "crucial" opening number was "Let the Bell Ring." It was required that the lead actress be able to whistle Mozart's Fourteenth Symphony.[1]

Cast and Crew

Behind the Scenes

Lemony Snicket, while working for The Daily Punctilio, gave the play a glowing review, calling it "the most important play of the season."

The play was a thinly-veiled front in order to deliver coded information to members of VFD. While those codes are not explicitly known, the opening title number ("Let the Bell Ring") and the inclusion of the Little Sebald Lad heavily implies that Sebald Code was used. The phrasing of the "Little Sebald Lad" also implies a connection to "The Little Snicket Lad." The title, "The World is Quiet Here", also references a VFD code that indicates one is a member of the organization, and in itself references "The Garden of Proserpine."