I disagree with Max's choice to ignore conversation. If there is a specific edit you want me to look at, let me know.

Going over Max's recent contributions:

  • I agree with Max that files that are fan art should be deleted.
  • I disagree with removing the TV series image in "Madame Lulu's Library". Though the image could be cropped better (or screenshot instead of photo of TV screen).
  • Again for "Woman with Hair but No Beard" & "Man With a Beard But No Hair", I agree with Max removing fanart.
  • For Ellington Feint theory being "Woman with Hair but No Beard" - it's speculation.
    • I personally disagree with adding speculation but I know other users, like Alex, take a much more liberal view of including fan theories.
    • However, if you must add fan theories, only add them in "Trivia" section (if there isn't a "Trivia" section in the article, then add one). The rest of the article should focus on canon, not fan theories. Also, start the bullet point with "Some fans speculate" to make it clear that it's a fan theory (since a lot of characters, including Lemony, have their own theories "Some people think" does not make clear that the statement does not come from canon).
  • For "Larry the Waiter", I believe it's fine to add Lawrence bullet point in Trivia section. However, it should say "might be" since plenty of parents officially name their children with a shortened name, so Larry's full given name might be "Larry", not Lawrence. Thus I would phrase it: "Larry is a diminutive of Lawrence, so Larry's full given name might be Lawrence."
  • "The Schism", again, speculation. Alex has fixed up most of the text, but I would add "Fans theorize the possible cause to have been:" or something in that manner. If it's not a fan theory, i.e. the theory is presented in the book, then it should say whose theory it is, e.g. "Violet theorizes the schism might have been caused by ..."
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