Murnau cimena

Murnau Cinema, where he works.

The Ticket Seller is a friend of Dr. Montgomery, and was also a member of V.F.D. He works at Murnau Cinema.


Before the Series

In a flashback, he appears with Dr. Montgomery. They eat together and laugh together. The fact that they are in the V.F.D. headquarters confirm that they both are from V.F.D.

The Reptile Room: Part One

He sells tickets to everyone. He gives Montgomery a Verified Film Discount. Later, Montgomery needs him to play a part of the film again. He says that he sells '"multiple tickets", meaning he could be Captain J. S., mentioned in the Autobiography. [1]

In the TV series, he splices footage from Zombies in the Snow so that Montgomery can copy down the rest of the message.

The Carnivorous Carnival: Part One

In "The Carnivorous Carnival: Part One," the Ticket Seller is visible in a flashback attending the party at V.F.D. Headquarters with Montgomery when they are briefly visited by Larry the Waiter and then filmed by a camera operator. The Seller appears to be slightly puzzled at the note in the dessert Montgomery takes, though this may have only been to disguise the note's existence.

Behind the Scenes

He is played by Matthew Walker as an old man[2] and by Mark Kandborg as a young man.



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