Carmelita Spats to the student after shoving him to the ground.

The unfortunate student is, as his nickname suggests, a student of Prufrock Preparatory School. The school bully, Carmelita Spats is known to pick on this particular student.



The boy being bullied by Carmelita.

The unfortunate student is regularly bullied by Carmelita Spats. One afternoon, when walking outside, he is walking past a molehill outside the school until Carmelita runs up to him, shoves him, and causes him to trip on the molehill and stub his toe on it, falling onto the ground face first. Carmelita yells "I hate your face!" and walks off, and the unfortunate student stands up and walks away.

Later, the unfortunate student attends Vice Principal Nero's pep rally during which the new gym teacher, Coach Genghis (really the villainous Count Olaf in disguise) is revealed. He is also seen in the crowd in the school auditorium as Violet and Klaus Baudelaire are tested by Mr. Remora and Mrs. Bass in front of the whole school. He chants "test them" along with the other students before they are tested.

Behind the scenes

The unfortunate student is played by Chase Nicholson in the Netflix adaptation of The Austere Academy, but makes no appearance in the latter.

While he isn't credited in the episode The Austere Academy: Part Two nor does he make a proper appearance, the unfortunate student can be briefly seen in the background in the school auditorium.


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