aka Eleanora Poe

  • I live in the City
  • My occupation is Editor-in-Chief
  • I am run by SOTO
This is Eleanora Poe, editor-in-chief of The Daily Punctilio. I'm either the wife or sister to that well-respected banker Arthur Poe; I never can keep track.
You'll find many of my news articles at Blog:Daily Punctilio. Ever since poor Ms. Julienne disappeared, I've largely taken over. I can see the headlines now: "Star Reporter Missing: Refused to Comment. Brave Chief Editor Steps In to Save the Day". Just wait until the readers of The Daily Punctilio see that!
Note to Volunteers: If there is any news that you would like me to spread to the rest of our dear readers, please leave a note on my message wall, or at Message Wall:SOTO. Thank you!
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