• I live in Central California
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is Self-employed
  • I am Male

Dear volunteers,

If you're looking for a normal biography on a wiki user, try looking elsewhere. My name is Kyle Brody and I once again find myself in a dimly lit room typing to a complete stranger. I have pledged allegiance to V.F.D., a secret organization that specializes in things that I'm not allowed to reveal. I do not have a tattoo of an eye on my left ankle, because members are no longer required to receive such a thing. Like fellow member, Lemony Snicket, I also have an interest in the Baudelaire case. I might regret- a word which here means "wished to never have revealed such dangerous information"-typing the following, but I am currently in possession of all 13 pages of the Snicket File, the Sugar Bowl, a locked away collection of spores from the Medusoid Mycellium, a commonplace book, a map of the V.F.D. underground tunnels, a V.F.D. spyglass, and a photograph of myself.

Remember, you are my last hope that the story of my involvement with V.F.D. can only be told to trusted members.

With all due respect,

Kyle Brody

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