aka M.

  • I live in constant fear
  • My occupation is haiku writer
  • I am drinking bitter tea

Dear fellow volunteer,

I am writing to you from the supply closet of a chemistry class at an 
all-girls high school, which I attended for two years, and that follows a 
religion I no longer necessarily believe in.

Were I not surrounded by enemies attempting to steal my answers while I
am away from my desk, I might be able to tell you more about myself. But 
if I do not complete this letter before the bell rings, the administration 
may find me and force me to explain why sugar should not be added to tea.

Tomorrow afternoon, order a bowl of mac and cheese from the Barret Avenue 
café that holds a yearly ugly lamp contest. There, the shortest waiter will


The bell's ringing has begun sooner than I expected, and so I must 
hide. If you should ever have a question, concern, or suggestion, do not 
hesitate to leave correspondence for me. If summer is over and gone, code 
your message accordingly.

Remember, it is not too late for you to run.

With all due respect,

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