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I am a huge Snicket fan and just want to help make the wiki more thorough and accurate! 

Currently Working On

  • Cleaning up some pages, adding missing information and references. 

Favorite Characters

  • Ellington Feint - I love her determination and loyalty, and I feel so horrible for her for having such a horribile father - he clearly didn't care at all about her, while she gave up everything to find him. 
  • Fiona - I will slaughter Widdershins myself for tearing her down so much. Just let her be a normal kid and study mushrooms! 
  • Friday Caliban - I refuse to believe she's dead, she's a researcher like Klaus and got adopted by Ellington and is best friends with the Increidbly Deadly Viper.
  • Obviously all of the Baudelaires and Quagmires! Those are my BABIES and I LOVE THEM
  • Lizzie Haines - idk I just think she's neat 
  • Cleo Knight and Jake Hix - i. love them
  • Beatrice Baudelaire II - that is an angel!!!

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