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Sangheili Commando 021: Fluffball Gato | Sunday, August 9, 2020
Welcome to Sangheili Commando 021: Fluffball Gato's Userpage!

If you get lost in this webpage, please tell me so I may laugh in your face. Thank you.

The Life of Logan- My Machinima Series!

These videos are all (pretty much) solely made by me. Please click one if you have the time!

Promotional Video

Episode #1 Part 1

Episode #1 Part 2

Episode #2

Episode #3

Episode #4

Episode #5

Episode #6

Episode #7 Part 1

Episode #7 Part 2

10 Ways to Tell if You're a NOOB in Halo: Reach



"Fear the dreaded MEW!"

Hello there! My name is Sangheili Commando 021: Fluffball Gato. I understand that my name makes the vast majority of the population want to shoot themselves in the foot, so you may call me anything that isn't too offensive. I like to clean up wikias, but my central "base" would be the Halopedia, the definitive source of Halo information.

About Me

I'm not going to write a full fledged biography about myself, but I'll state some random facts:

-I really love science fiction in general

-I am awesome... Don't believe me? Too bad.

-My name is so stupidly long you probably hate me right now.

-I am normally found under the name of "Fluffball Gato"

-My favorite number is 21... And it has been since I was in second grade.

-I don't like music, it irritates me.

-I am not female, contrary to uncommon belief... I'm gonna make you reread that.

-If you send me a message that states, "y0r nam3 is frikkin g8y" I will probably not respond.

Pages I Created

The Royal Gardens


Please, members of the Halopedia, write a message in my Guestbook! Just remember to sign your name...

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