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Hello, you can call me Wasabi.

Currently reading:

  • All The Wrong Questions- I only recently finished WCTBATH

Watching at the moment:

  • The Heirs (Because why not? Why not randomly rewatching The Heirs when you have nothing to do?)

Favorite watches of the year:

  • Reply 1988 (the Reply series in general, tbh)
  • Vincenzo (not over it yet)
  • Law School
  • Move to Heaven (❤)
  • Hotel Del Luna

Learning right now:

  • Esperanto, and a few other languages
  • Binary code
  • How to juggle

Random Hobbies

  • Untying literal and figurative knots
  • Pretending I'm in some kind of talk show with an audience watching me and a few other people discussing some topic
  • Daring to write a few things
  • Ocasionally solving puzzles
  • Doing random research and finding some curious things (mostly while procrastinating for something else)