Denouement Family 

Dewey Denouement
Frank and Ernest
Dewey Denouement is the sub-sub-librarian and Manager of Hotel Denouement together with his twin brothers Frank and Ernest. Not many people know of his existence because his work is secret, though because all three look like each other, Dewey can sometimes roam around the Hotel. 

Dewey and Kit Snicket are confirmed to be in a relationship and also expecting a child (Beatrice Snicket) Dewey sadly dies in The Penultimate Peril, by a harpoon to the chest, when Klaus and Violet dropped the harpoon gun. His last words are "Kit" before he falls into the pond concealing V.F.D biggest library.

Dewey was only 4 years old when The Schism began. On the triplets fifth birthday they were recruited by the V.F.D and taken to the mountain headquarters where they began their training. In the library at the Hotel Denouement, Dewey was creating evidence against every enemy to the V.F.D and he also hid the Sugar Bowl.

Frank and Ernest Denouement is the faces of the Hotel Denouement and is managing it, while Dewey is doing all the secret work in the secret library. Frank is known for being on The Fire-Fighting Side and Ernest on The Fire-Starting Side. When Hotel Denouement is burned down by Count Olaf, it is not known, if they survived the fire.

Dewey, Frank and Ernest Denouement is played by Max Greenfield in the TV series.

Dewey Denouement was differently one of my favourite characters and my very sad the way he died.

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