A V.F.D. Apprentice is a V.F.D. student who has graduated from V.F.D. basic training and sent to further, specific training.


After graduation from basic VFD training, apprentices are allowed to select their chaperone for specialized training in the field. Factors that an apprentice may consider while selecting a chaperone include the chaperone's ranking and location of work. The V.F.D. Chaperone then guides the apprentice through various VFD duties.

Apprenticeships may take place in many locations, due to personal preference of the chaperone, work available, and/or the educational needs of the apprentice.[1]

While Chaperones are usually observed by another volunteer unknown to them in order to assess their training and progress.[2] Despite this, the apprentice is still under the complete control of their mentor and whatever training methods they see fit, as well as being forced to remain with them until the apprenticeship is complete.[1]

Most parts of apprentice training is kept secret, but it seems to be mainly an apprenticeship in the apprentice's field of interest- Hector is given missions with his ballooning,[1] Widdershins with his submarine,[3] and Lemony Snicket is placed with S. Theodora Markson as she is hired as an investigative detective.[1] (Presumably, the other aspects of VFD training are covered beforehand.)

It is unknown how apprenticeships normally end, and though Lemony declared his apprenticeship over by himself,[4] this did not seem to be a normal graduation.

While it is also unknown how long apprenticeships tend to last, some adult characters were mentioned to still be in training in the Building Committee transcript.[5]

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