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The villainous side of VFD has a convocation of eagles, which bend to their whim at the blowing of small, silver whistles. They fed on the salmon from the Stricken Stream.


Upon being seen by the Baudelaire orphans, it is said there are hundred and hundreds of eagles, very thoroughly trained in order to be eerily silent. They were of a wide variety of ages, but all looked exhausted.[1]


The eagles used to be used by Volunteers in order to spot smoke from a very great distance, and could be seen from the headquarters on the Mortmain Mountains. However, the Firestarting side of Volunteer Fire Department "won" them after the schism, and they were subsequently re-trained by the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard.

The Man and Woman trained them with a whip, hurting them if they did not do as ordered. They were trained to be silent and obey the whims of the Man and Woman without question.[1]

The eagles once attacked a young Beatrice Baudelaire on a hike on Mount Fraught-[2] possibly the same one she took with Lemony Snicket and R,[3] in which she was carried off by an eagle to its nest.[4] Jerome Squalor was there to witness this.[2]

The Firestarters use them in The Slippery Slope to carry off Bruce and the Snow Scouts, in order to forcibly recruit the latter into the organization. The Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but no Beard use them to fly away,[1] and then to attack the Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home, which houses Hector, a former Volunteer,[5] and Duncan and Isadora Quagmire. Though Quigley Quagmire attempts to trap the eagles in a giant net,[6] they succeed in popping the home and crashing it into the sea.[7]

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