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The Valley of Four Drafts is a valley in the Mortmain Mountains. It first appears in The Carnivorous Carnival on a map that Madame Lulu had kept in her caravan. It appeared to have no significant points of interest, but if one looks closely, they could see a coffee stain marking a valley in the mountains.

The coffee stain is intended to be an extremely subtle indication that the second-to-last safe place for V.F.D. members was located in the area where the stain marked, however, the headquarters was burnt to the ground by the time the Baudelaire children reached it, leaving the Hotel Denouement as the last safe place. The Valley of Four Drafts was the main setting of The Slippery Slope.

Sugar Bowl

In The Slippery Slope, Lemony Snicket has suggested that while the headquarters had caught fire, the sugar bowl was thrown out of the window and landed inside the Stricken Stream, carrying it to the Gorgonian Grotto.


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