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Valorous Farms Dairy was the dairy farm where Lemony Snicket was believed to have been born.


The dairy was located across a "pretty deadly" lake, which would freeze over during winters like most average lakes do. Considering the farm's initials and the fact it was trusted by members of V.F.D., it is likely to have been a location affiliated with the organization.

It had more than three-hundred cows corralled within its fences as well as several cheese-makers living on the premises. It is noted that meat from the cows was not produced on this farm, and the cows "only surrender their milk, not their lives."

Jacob and E. Snicket were visiting the dairy to purchase garlic butter when E went into labor. The cheese-makers assisted with the delivery of Lemony Snicket, their youngest son, and thus they became very good friends with the Snicket Clan since then. Kit once mentioned the farm to R as a safe place.

The Snickets would send letters to the cheese-makers including secret correspondence, beginning with "Dear Dairy." Such notes included:

  • A letter containing several pages of the screenplay for Zombies in the Snow, after Gustav Sebald failed to arrive to take them. (from Lemony)
  • A letter about the destruction of the archives of The Daily Punctilio and a plea to hold some newspapers about what led up to Lemony going on the run. (from Kit)
  • Several passages from Lemony Snicket's commonplace book. (from Lemony)

A married couple, who owned the S. S. Prospero, were alarmed by a spy of the fire-starters and contacted Lemony, fearing that he could use his cow disguise to cause trouble at the dairy.

Brett Helquist arranged to meet Lemony at the dairy after sketching the Baudelaire Fire. However, that night, the dairy burned during a heavy thunderstorm; a "suspicious cow" had been seen lurking around beforehand. Detective Smith claimed to The Daily Punctilio that it was an accident, handing over Helquist's drawing of the rubble instead of allowing reporters to view the crime scene. Meredith Heuer, however, managed to get a photo of the dairy before it burnt.[1]




  • Valorous is defined as "having valor; courageous; valiant; brave". It is a characteristic that all of Jacob and E. Snicket's children and their relatives as a whole possess that make them remarkable members of V.F.D. Based on the definition of the aforementioned word, it is likely the dairy farm is affiliated with the Fire-Fighting Side of the organization.


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