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Veritable French Diner is a very "in" restaurant that is probably operated by V.F.D. due to its coincidental allusions to the organizations.


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  • While it is never directly stated, it is implied that the diner is operated by V.F.D.
    • The diner's initials are V.F.D.
    • The diner's motto "Le Monde Ici, C'est Calme" is French for "the world is quiet here," which is V.F.D.'s motto.
    • The menu includes a sugar bowl.
    • The diner was possibly referenced in The Ersatz Elevator: When Jerome was pointing out the window, showing the Baudelaires the view of the city from the penthouse, he pointed to a faraway purple building, saying it was his "favorite restaurant. " 
  • Before Jerome Squalor and Esmé Squalor got together, Geraldine Julienne wrote a letter to Esmé telling her that Jerome is not married and has breakfast at the diner every morning between 7:30 and 8:30 am, suggesting that she could "accidentally" meet him there.[1]