At this point, I hope this book is so boring that no one is reading it, because this tedious biography was not meant for people to read. It was written so that crucial documents could be stored right here, between pages 302 and 303. If, by any chance, you are reading this book for entertainment and not to find crucial documents, allow me to apologize for how boring it is.

Vincent Francis Doyle is supposedly the author of Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer.


Vincent Francis Doyle is listed as the author for Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer. However, considering the book was only composed to be incredibly boring so as to hide important VFD documents inside pages 302 and 303, and his initials match those of the organization, this is presumably a fake name, meant to clue in Volunteers that the book is coded.

The book was listed among the VFD required reading on Ms. K's reading list at Prufrock Preparatory School.[1]




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