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The Vineyard of Fragrant Grapes (whose name is often intentionally misspelled as Vineyard of Fragrant Drapes) is a vineyard associated with VFD.


The Vineyard of Fragrant Grapes, as suggested by the name, grows grapes on a farm in order to use in wine. It is famous for having grapes that smell delicious and a wonderful field to have picnics in, where visitors can smell the fragrance, sleep in the shape of the grapevines, and see the vineyard's famous donkeys (another VFD) who carry bushels of grapes at harvest time.[1]

The Vineyard contains a beautiful wedding gazebo, which can be painted different colors, and guests can choose where the food comes from. Their wedding gifts contain candles to light during the ceremony, three flower arrangements, an official wedding certificate, and a photograph of the grounds with an engraved caption.[2]


The vineyard is associated with VFD, and is presumably owned by the organization. While its official name is the Vineyard of Fragrant Grapes, when sending coded messages to the members of VFD, its name is misspelled as the Vineyard of Fragrant Drapes, so as to fit the naming scheme.

Lemony Snicket and Beatrice Baudelaire arranged to be married there, with food coming from a "restaurant nearby that specializes in tea parties", meaning that several sugar bowls were provided. However, the letter contained a Sebald Code warning to Lemony, informing him not to come to the Vineyard, as the Count would burn him and Beatrice if he did.

Jerome and Esmé Squalor also arranged to be married there, outside of the VFD influence, as Jerome's note had the official logo instead of the coded one. They did not offer to repaint the gazebo, and informed Jerome that the food would come from Café Salmonella, and that while Esmé requested sugar bowls, they were unable to provide them.[2]

Years after Lemony and Beatrice's engagement was broken up, Beatrice and her husband, Bertrand, took their children, Violet and Klaus, to spend a weekend vacation.[1]