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Violetta Frogg-Drifter (real name unknown) is a very minor character mentioned in Sub-File B of File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents.


File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Quiet Street

Blotted Boulevard is a perfect place for secret meetings, but so many organizations were using it that a sign-up sheet became necessary to reduce chances of confusion, embarrassment, and duels. "Violetta Frogg-Drifter" was a name used on such paperwork; due to her initials, this implies that the Volunteer Fire Department may have been meeting in Blotted Boulevard.

Small Courtyard

It is said that a key was in the cobblestones, which could be pushed aside by small plants and therefore wouldn't hold up against violent animal life. Both Dagwood and Violetta would have known this from their father, a geologist and former travel agent who had lived in the same neighborhood.


  • Only the conclusions to the suspicious incidents involving Violetta are listed, meaning that much of Violetta's history is unclear.
  • Whether Violetta was involved with V.F.D., or if the fake name V.F.D. used for paperwork happened to share her first name, is also unclear.