Volunteer Singer #1 is a member of the Volunteers Fighting Disease in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Early Life

She is known to be a part of the Volunteers Fighting Disease, which means her real name is unknown (as members are referred to as siblings only), and she believes that no news is good news, and that a cheerful attitude is better than any medicine.

The Hostile Hospital: Part One


Opening the bus.

She is seated in the group's van when Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire pass by. She and the Bearded Man open the doors and beckon them in, believing them to be Volunteers. When Klaus asks what V.F.D. stands for, she joins her group in their song.

She opens the doors of the van when they arrive at Heimlich Hospital, skipping out. The group exits to meet up with other members, and watch in glee as the Bearded Man and Perky Volunteer explain their mottos to the Baudelaires. The Volunteers then enter the hospital to be cleared by Babs, and follow their leader after he receives the patient list.

The Hostile Hospital: Part Two


Asleep in the lobby.

The Volunteers fall asleep in the hospital lobby, and she is seen sleeping on the floor, using a bag as a pillow. When the White-Faced Women arrive to deliver the new patient list, one of them kicks her awake. The group then proceeds through the hospital, ignoring the patients' cries for help and opting instead to deliver them balloons and songs.

She is with a smaller group of Volunteers when they are approached by Dr. Faustus, requesting to borrow their patient list. Mattathias Medicalschool then arrives and briefly shows Faustus his list, which causes the Volunteers to applaud.

The Volunteers then gather for a cranioectomy demonstration, in which Faustus is revealed to be Klaus and Sunny in disguise, sneaking in to save their sister. Mattathias then claims that the Baudelaires set the hospital on fire, and she runs with the rest of the group in pursuit of the fleeing children. She looks distressed as the Bearded Man is hit with the gurney.

The Penultimate Peril: Part Two


At the trial.

She apparently survived the fire, and was summoned to the Hotel Denouement in order to appear as a witness to Count Olaf's trial. She and her fellow Volunteers- minus the Bearded Man- arrive for the trial at Hotel Denouement, sitting together and still smiling brightly.

It is unknown if she survived the subsequent Hotel Denouement Fire.





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