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The Wart-Faced Man is a member of Count Olaf's acting troupe and one of the Count's henchmen.


As the Wart-Faced Man seems to be in Count Olaf's troupe, it is highly likely that he was present when Count Olaf forced the Baudelaires to serve dinner and applauded with the rest of the troupe when he struck Klaus.

Backstage at The Marvelous Marriage, he is seen adjusting enormous light fixtures. It is noted that the way the lights are arranged prevents the cast from seeing faces in the audience, though it should be noted that this is often the case with stage lighting and thus might not imply malicious intent.

When Count Olaf's scheme is revealed and he is to be arrested, the wart-faced man sneaks to the controls of the lighting and shuts off the main switch, darkening the theater to give the troupe time to escape. He vanishes along with them.

Physical Appearance

He is described as "important-looking", and as having warts all over his face.[1]