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A weapon is something that can be used offensively.


A knife is a small weapon; It has a handle, then it has a metal blade. It is used for cutting and stabbing. Count Olaf used a knife to threaten the Baudelaire Siblings in The Reptile Room.
Count Olaf's Knife
Count Olaf owns a Knife. When he was Stephano used it to scare the Baudelaire Siblings enough to make them not tell who he was. In chapter 13 of The Carnivorous Carnival, Kevin, a former carnival worker, uses the knife to cut the whip Violet used to tie the House of Freaks caravan to the back of Count Olaf's car.
Harpoon Gun & Harpoons
Harpoon Gun
In The Penultimate Peril, the harpoon gun is described as "a large, wicked-looking object, with a bright red trigger and four long, sharp hooks." Used previously by Esmé Squalor at the Village of Fowl Devotees to shoot down a crow and to damage the rope ladder of the Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home, then was used by Klaus, Sunny, and Violet Baudelaire to accidentally kill Dewey Denouement when they dropped the harpoon gun on the floor, it went off, and a hook struck Dewey in the stomach, and was used for the final time by Ishmael to kill Count Olaf and inadvertently break open the diving helmet releasing the spores of the deadly Medusoid Mycellium.
A harpoon is what a Harpoon gun fires.
A sword is a kind of weapon. It is like a knife except it is very long. Dr. Orwell owned a cane that transformed into a sword and fought Sunny with it.

Molotov cocktail

A molotov cocktail is a crude type of bomb that can be made from a wine bottle and flammable liquid.

The Medusoid Mycellium

The Medusoid Mycellium is a poisonous fungus that can only be cured with horse radish or related food items.


  • Ishmael doesn't like any form of weapon.