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White-Faced Woman: We don't want to participate in your schemes anymore. For a while, it was fun to fight fire with fire, but we've seen enough flames and smoke to last our whole lives.
White-Faced Woman: We don't think it was a coincidence that our home burned to the ground. We lost a sibling in that fire, Olaf.
The Slippery Slope

The Third Sibling of the White-Faced Women was a sibling of the two white-faced women who were associates of Count Olaf.


Note: This includes information that is from both the books (canon) and the 2017-2019 Netflix Adaptation (which has its own canon). They will be referenced accordingly.

The Sibling was born, with their sisters, as the "world's first" conjoined triplets in Heimlich Hospital, attached at the hip. They were described as completely identical. Later, they were successfully separated from their sisters, presumably by surgery.[1]

At some point, their home burnt to the ground. They perished in the fire, while their sisters escaped.[2] At the time, the Official Fire Department declared it an accident.[1] However, later, the sisters speculated that their home was destroyed by arson, possibly by Count Olaf or another member of VFD.


  • While in the Netflix adaptation, they are referred to as female,[3] and noted to be identical to their sisters,[1] in the book series they are only referred to as a "sibling."