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The following article or section concerns information that is considered canonical to the Netflix series, but it is unknown as to where it stands in the books' canon. It may also contain information contradictory to the books. Be very cautious when using this information as a source, or you may end up reporting for The Daily Punctilio, or on the lam. Whichever you consider worse.

Violet Baudelaire: Can it really fly?
Monty Montgomery: He can fly on cue. Fly!
—"The Reptile Room: Part One"

The Winged Lizard is a species of lizard that was kept in Monty Montgomery's Reptile Room.


The Winged Lizard is a species of lizard with green scales and a yellow stomach, "a sign of camouflage and cowardice." It has large green, semi-transparent wings, with decorative spots that resemble the V.F.D. Eye.

A specimen of the lizard was kept in Monty Montgomery's Reptile Room, in the lizard wing, and shown to the Baudelaire children. To impress them, Monty shows how he can fly on cue, and then the lizard perches himself on a tree.[1]


  • Though the Winged Lizard has no mention in the book version of the episodes he appeared in, it seems to be a fusion of two unnamed reptiles that are mentioned in the library: a two-headed lizard with bright yellow stripes on its belly, and a very fat toad with two wings sprouting from its back.[2]
  • As portrayed, he appears to be an exaggeration of real-life gliding or 'flying' lizards (Draco volans), which, though unable to flap their wings, can glide over 8 meters (26 feet) at a leap.