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Allow me to introduce myself, because, as you can see from my mole, we've never met before. As you can see from my coat, hat and ascot, I'm here on business. And as you can see from my sunglasses, it's bright out. I'm here to consult with you on the Baudelaire will, for which I understand you are the executioner.
— Yessica Haircut (Count Olaf) to Arthur Poe, "A Bad Beginning: Part Two"

Yessica Haircut is a disguise used by Count Olaf in order to get an appointment with Mr. Poe. He takes clothes being carried down the street and comes up with the name when he spots the word “Haircut” on Jacquelyn’s diary for Mr. Poe. The alias is later also used by Jacquelyn herself when she infiltrates the In Auction.

This disguise is exclusive to the Netflix series.


Usage by Count Olaf

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When Count Olaf visits Mulctuary Money Management to convince Mr. Poe to arrange for the Baudelaire orphans to live with him in his mansion, after finding out his troupe forgot to bring costumes he has to make up a disguise on the spot. On the way to the bank, he steals a coat from a mannequin being carried down the street, a scarf from an old man, a pair of sunglasses and a hat from a blind man and a pen from a rich man which he uses to draw a mole on his cheek.

Once inside the bank, in order to convince Mr. Poe's secretary, Jacquelyn, to let him inside, Olaf uses the alias "Yessica Haircut" after looking at Mr. Poe's schedule for that time which reads "Haircut". Jacquelyn is not convinced but Olaf manages to get inside anyway and consults with Mr. Poe. As a result of the event, Jacquelyn ends up being captured by one of Olaf's associates, the Bald Man and tied to a tree, and the Baudelaires end up in Olaf's care.

Usage by Jacquelyn Scieszka

Later, when having to infiltrate the In Auction and get past the Bald Man who is acting as a doorperson for the auctioneer Gunther (really Count Olaf), Jacquelyn uses the alias of "Yessica Haircut" to get inside.

About Yessica Haircut

For the scene where I stole the wardrobe for Yessica Haircut costume, Barry wanted it done in one shot without an edit. So the actors were brought in early to rehearse, and the costume came about based on how quickly all the pieces could get thrown on.