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I'm not scared of zombies! I wanna build a snowman!
Zombies in the Snow, script page 98[1]

Young Rölf is a character in Zombies in the Snow, an in-universe movie directed by Gustav Sebald


Zombies in the Snow

Young Rölf is a young child whose village is attacked by zombies. A Town Father calls for him to hide behind the oak barrier before it is too late, but Young Rölf declares that he is not scared of zombies and wants to build a snowman. The Town Fathers, tired of his nonsense, tell him he may do as he wishes, but Gerta steps in to defend him, asking if they will really leave a young boy to die, and that she intends to befriend the zombies. Rölf tells her that she can be an assistant snowbuilder. After the villagers leave, Gerta tells Rölf that the oak wood will be no use, and Rölf informs her that that was why he chose to stay, as "barriers of wood are no use."[1]

Behind the Scenes

In Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, a letter written from Sally Sebald to Lemony Snicket contains a picture of the actor who played the young boy. Sally thinks his name might be "Omar", a name that is often confused with "Olaf" in A Series of Unfortunate Events, leading some to believe that Olaf played Young Rolf. However, the film contains a message using the Sebald Code for Monty Montgomery about the Baudelaire children, which means the film must have been recently filmed and the actor must still be a child and thus not Count Olaf. Some argue that the young boy is still Olaf, that the film was shot decades ago, and that the Sebald Code was dubbed into the movie when it was re-released near the events of The Reptile Room. Others argue that the young boy is Omeros and not Olaf.

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

In the TV adaption, Gustav Sebald portrayed Rölf. He is much older, and put in mortal peril at some point during the film. He appears to be alive at the end. 



Netflix Adaptation