Zombies in the Snow

Zombies in the Snow was a movie directed by Gustav Sebald. The movie appeared in The Reptile Room, when Dr. Montgomery, the Baudelaires and Stephano went to see it. It's revealed to contain Sebald Code, but Dr. Montgomery never learned it. The coded message was: 'Attention! Hidden in the snowman is a survivor of the fire. Meet us in the town where this film takes place. Bring the three children. Your new assistant is not one of us. Beware!'

In The End, Zombies in the Snow was called a "wonderful film" and its dark movie theatre was compared to Count Olaf's gloomy house.

Young Rolf was played by Count Olaf in the book series, according to Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, but played by Gustav in the TV series.

TV series


The set.

In the TV series adaptation, the secret message in Sebald Code can be seen with a V.F.D. spyglass, with the dials set to 2264 (22=V, 6=F, 4=D). Every time the V.F.D. eye insignia appears in the top right corner of the screen and a beep is heard, one can view the secret message with the spyglass. The coded message is hidden in the subtitles of the movie.

The code in the TV series adaptation is unknown. The message was: "Hello Monty. Danger! Take the children to the S.S.Prospero to Peru."

The movie seems to be very poorly made, which might mean that the V.F.D. had to make the movie very quickly. Both Gustav and Jacquelyn were in the movie as Rölf and Gerta, respectively (in the book series Rölf was played by Count Olaf).



  • Gerta: She is a milkmaid who tried to convince the town fathers that their barrier won't protect them. She was the main protagonist. In the TV series, she was portrayed by Jacquelyn Scieszka.
  • Young Rölf: The main boy. He was building a snowman and insisted on finishing it. In the TV series, he is portrayed by Gustav Sebald. In the books, Sally Sebald forgets the name of the actor. She said, "..Omar, maybe?" Omar is an alias of Count Olaf, and Olaf's later allusion to working with Gustav Sebald suggests that he was the actor playing Young Rolf.
  • Town Fathers(1 and 2): They were the main antagonists in the movie.
  • Townspeople: They agree with the Town fathers on everything.
  • Dolores: The main singer




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